5 Shows to Binge This Summer / by Keith LaFountaine

There are a lot of different shows out there to watch. With how saturated the TV market is right now it can be difficult to pick and choose quality shows. This becomes even more complicated when you consider the huge amount of shows that have finished or been cancelled.

I wanted to help give you some options for shows you may not have watched yet but which are worth your time. All of these shows have ended, so you don't have to worry about waiting for another season.

5. Chuck (2007 - 2012)



Chuck was one of the most enjoyable shows to grace the small screen. With a dynamite cast (including Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin) and a dedicated fan base this show managed to survive for five seasons.

Chuck follows a computer geek who accidentally downloads a bunch of government secrets into his brain. Because of this, the NSA assigns to agents to protect him. 

The show is a perfect combination of comedy and spy thrills.

With 91 episodes (all of which are about 45 minutes long) you could complete this show over the course of the summer. Each season is roughly 22 episodes and they are very easy to binge.

All seasons of Chuck are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

4. Justified (2010 - 2015)



Justified is one of those shows that you don't expect to be good and it ends up surprising you. While the first season struggles a bit due to a case-of-the-week format, the rest of the seasons are generally focused on season long arcs, making it very easy to binge.

The show follows Raylan Givens, a detective in a poor coal-mining town in Kentucky. 

What makes the show so great is its characters. From Raylan, to the main antagonist Boyd Crowder, to the supporting characters and season-long antagonists this show is full of memorable heroes and villains. It also has some of the best dialogue ever written for a TV show.

With six thirteen-episode seasons, this is very easy to blow through in a couple of weeks. If you want to make it last a little longer, you can also watch a couple episodes a week and still get through it rather quickly.

All seasons of Justified are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

3. Hannibal (2013 - 2015)



While many fans, myself included, still hold out hope that Hannibal will be brought back at some point or another, there is no clear evidence that that will happen. Plus, considering the show was cancelled by NBC in 2015 and creator Bryan Fuller has moved on to other projects, it looks like three season of Hannibal is all we'll get.

Still, what an amazing run it was. Hannibal had a small, but dedicated fan base. It was also heavily praised and loved by critics.

Hannibal follows Hannibal Lector, played by Mads Mikkelsen, and his relationship with everyone from Jack Crawford (played by Laurence Fishburne) to Will Graham (played by Hugh Dancy). It was a highly stylized and has some of the best visuals of any show.

It can be grotesque at times (I mean, it's about a cannibal), but this show was always thought provoking, beautifully shot, and perfectly paced.

Because of how short this show is, you could finish it in a month, easily, or space it out over the course of the summer.

All seasons of Hannibal are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

2. Happy Endings (2011 - 2013)



Happy Endings has one of the best ensemble casts to grace a sitcom (and that's saying something). Elisha Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., and Eliza Coupe are just half of the stars that grace the screen in this show.

Following six friends in Chicago, this sitcom covers the usual territories (love, sex, friendship) while also going some surprising places. It was always funny and always entertaining.

Three seasons, 57 episodes, and 25-minute episodes all mean you could easily binge this show in a matter of weeks. As always, though, you can stretch this one out if you want and still love it.

All seasons of Happy Endings are available to stream on Hulu.  

1. Chappelle's Show (2003 - 2006)



Chappelle's Show had a short run, but in those three(ish) seasons Dave Chappelle cemented his show as the best sketch comedy show ever to come out (okay, I'm a bit biased because I love Chappelle's Show but still). 

Easy to binge, fun to watch, and very insightful at times Chappelle's Showis perfect if you just want something fun to watch this summer.

All episodes are free to watch on Comedy Central's website.