Keith LaFountaine on the set of  Mirror  (2017)

Keith LaFountaine on the set of Mirror (2017)



Keith LaFountaine began his foray into writing at a young age. He was reading novels by age five -- his first completed book being Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden". In elementary school he began to write silly short stories, including "The Food Battle" (a story depicting the power struggle between a box of macaroni and cheese and a hotdog).

When Keith was in middle school and high school, he immediately set his sights as high as they could go. He wrote four novel manuscripts, and multiple short stories.

In college, he began to seriously consider publication for his work. He also wrote three more manuscripts, one of which -- "The Thickness of Water" -- he is currently grooming for publication.

In April 2017, his short horror story "Bite" was published in Pamplemousse Magazine, a literary journal based out of Johnson State College.

In July 2017, his short story "The Promise" was published in Red Fez Literary Journal's 104th issue.

In March 2018, his short story "Weekend" was published in Page & Spine Literary Magazine.

In January 2019, his short story "No Place Like Heaven” was published in Quail Bell Magazine.

In April 2019, his short story “Tonight, She Comes Home” was published in Down in the Dirt Literary Magazine.

Keith continues to submit short stories to literary magazines for publication while working on his debut novel.



Keith also pursues a career in filmmaking. It started in 8th grade, when he wrote and directed a short film entitled "If You Can't Say Anything Nice" for his Capstone project. With the assistance of Bill Simmon from Vermont Community Access Media, the film won an honorable mention at the 2008 Vermont International Film Festival.

Keith continued to make short films all through high school, mainly with friends during the summer.

While attending Ithaca College, Keith wrote and directed two short films, "Insomnia" and "The Lonely", shooting on 16mm film.

At Lyndon State College, Keith quickly cemented himself as a leader in his major. While at LSC, Keith wrote, directed, shot, and edited two thesis films -- "Stalker", which was a semi-finalist in the 2016 Student Academy Awards, and was shown at various film festivals across the United States; and "Departure", his first feature film.

In 2017, Keith wrote, directed, and edited "Mirror", a short film. He is currently putting it through the festival circuit.

In Jaunary 2019, Keith completed his new short film, A Single Yesterday.

He continues to submit projects to film festivals all across the globe.